LBA Curriculum

Our Curriculum is jointly inspired by the revised Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS-R), the revised Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R) and the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing scale that is designed to consider some of the intentional and relational pedagogical strategies strongly associated with your child outcomes.

From the beginning of our journey together, we ensure that we fully listen and understand your baby’s needs by working and liaising with you, asking questions about your family and your baby home routine to ensure we provide consistency and a sense of security.
Our beautiful home-from-home setting and decor in the baby room and high quality of products strive to make your child as secure and comfortable as in your own home. Our staff is supported by us to ensure they provide a stimulating, warm and loving environment for your baby.
As the children in the baby room progress, children begin to show increasing independence and emerging communication skills, moving their body confidently and making friendships. In LBA, our educators’ recognise that children learn and acquire their linguistic skills through meaningful interactions, skilful communication, interactions with their environment and motivational, fun and engaging activities that incorporate our intentions to support children in all areas of learning.


Thanks to carefully designed learning zones, the teaching is aspirational, and our Curriculum approach prepares children exceptionally well for school. Grounded in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and differentiated for age and development stage, our Curriculum strengthen children’s personal and emotional skills through facilitating smooth transitions within the setting. What makes us different is how we achieve our goals to make your child ready for school by age 5 exceptionally well.
Each specialised learning area within the Little Big Adventure (LBA) has different resources (clothing, tools, and unique objects to work with, providing real-life experiences for adult life professions). Children may enter a “space centre”, dressed in space suits, jump into moon sand, and construct a spacecraft/station. They may visit a pretend doctor’s office in white coats, stethoscopes, prescription notepad, examine x-rays of the skeleton, excavate dinosaur bones/ compare to human one/listen to their hearts. When the children travel to the “Arctic room,” it is wintery cold. The snow falls with huge carton blocks to build an igloo to shelter on the side; In the “discovery zone,” children will discover how water makes power and learn about water conservation.


Before children enter the area, children are prepared with vocabulary and background knowledge to get the most out of the experience and extend their long memory. We provide children with opportunities to act out through play, and sensory experience (visual/sound) resources and interactive role-play, in a range of job professions: zookeepers in a jungle scenery, to journalists and TV presenters (real cameras microphone and projectors, builders and more). Our activities offer a unique experience that will excite and build children’s confidence to become confident global citizens by trying out and testing different professions now.

Taking a flexible approach to allocating a key person and gradually introducing your child to the environment, and consulting you and keeping you informed of the process is immensely important to us.