A few words

About Us

Our story starts way back when, as children, we believed everything is possible to have and achieve in the world. It was just enough to close our eyes...

Dream more

In LBA, we believe that our dreams become future achievable goals. That’s why in our nursery, children’s spaces are designed to provide as many authentic experiences as possible.
Each specialised learning zone has different resources and purpose in mind: children may enter a “space aircraft”, dressed in space suits, jump into moon sand, and construct a spacecraft/station, or they may visit a doctor’s office in white coats, stethoscopes, examine x-rays of the skeleton, excavate dinosaur bones/ compare to human one/listen to their hearts and they can learn more…

Learn more

Before entering the zone, children are prepared with vocabulary and background knowledge with the intentional inclusion of children with disabilities, who will significantly benefit from the sensory explorations, get the most out of the experience, and extend their memory. We provide children with opportunities to act out through play, sensory experience, resources, and interactive role-play in a range of job professions: zookeepers in a jungle scenery, journalists and TV presenters with real-like cameras microphone. Our activities offer a unique experience that will excite and build children’s confidence to become confident global citizens by trying out and testing different professions in an exciting and full of fun and enjoyable way.

Care more

Contact with nature is a crucial part of all our lives, especially children’s.
Children’s are our planet’s future, and caring for each other, and our planet’s resources help children develop an appreciation for the Earth and all its inhabitants.
Our teachers provide a learning culture where children develop skills to take care of nature through gardening, recycling play, learning about climate change and creativity in upcycling the resources.

Be more

Nothing is so fulfilling than accomplishing our goals. In LBA, we believe that by providing children with freedom of choices, unleash inner creativity and self-confidence through hands-on experiences, music, art, movement, stories, investigation and exploration, acting out and solving out the world problems, children become more resilient, confident and prepared for the school environment.